Outdoor Games

Basketball – Every evening 5 to 7 pm 


The basketball coaching started since 1994. (Every evening from 5 to 7 pm) Coaches like  Bhairavi Ghate  (winner of Chatrapati  Award), Manisha Oak, Monica Lagoo, Sarika Honvad.  Players from these coached groups like Yogesh and Vilobh  Hulage are now functioning as coaches.

From the year 2008, an annual open event Endeavour is being conducted for under 16, at the center. Dhanraj Pillai, the hockey champion, was present for the closing ceremony of the year 2010. Tennis champion Nandan Bal was also present. Other renowned  sports people have communicated with the sports people of the center. From the year 2000, a number of good players have participated in district and state level competitions.

From the year 1999, coaching for skating had started under the guidance of Pushkar Kulkarni. (on the basket ball court from 7 to 8 p.m.)  Vipul Lunavat was the coach from  2005 to 2007, later on it was Asutosh Jagtap.  A number of children won prizes in  district inter school,  state level  competitions. They even represented the center in international games. Competitions for the Mayor’s Trophy were also held at the center. (Currently, coaching for skating is not being offered.)

Under the guidance of experts, the practice for basketball and exercise for fitness is conducted.  In totality, personal meetings with renowned  personalities, talks with them and other guidance is organized.