Welcome to Balranjan Kendra

An hour of recreation every day!

द्या खेळाला एक तास!
विधायक उपक्रमातून बालविकास!!

A center conducting extra-curricular activities for children of 3 to 14 years age group

In their busy schedule, children need at least one hour of stress free activity. 

  • Centrally located yet pollution free and safe playground
  • Pleasant, clean and green surrounding
  • An opportunity of “Learning through experience”

We take efforts to achieve physical, social, emotional and moral development of children through recreational activities. Appropriate activities are planned for different age groups. Groups are conducted by trained instructors. They are called ‘Tai’ and ‘Dada’.

The activities begin with ten minutes of physical exercise, followed by jogging on the well-planned jogging track. Then children participate in sports activities. The vigorous activities are followed by story telling and singing for younger children and ‘pranayam‘ and concentration exercises for older children. Activity concludes with prayer. This calms them down and rejuvenates their energy. Parents have observed that it helps them concentrate in their studies.

Children with competitive mindset can take up coaching for basketball or skating. Some of the talented children have been selected for District, Sate and National level tournaments. Children showing talent for performing arts can participate in weekly theater workshop. Some of them have bagged prizes in City, State and National level competitions. This activity is appreciated by many eminent theater personalities.

Day to day activities are accompanied by picnics, outings, visits, drawing and painting, craft, origami, vocation workshops, film shows, slide shows, puppet shows, story telling, dance, library, ice cream parties, sugarcane juice party and campfire.

Local Cultural Activities: Variety entertainment programs by children in Ganesh Festival, Bhondla, Rangapanchami, Diwali, Sankrant, etc.

Some Interesting Projects: Pollution watch, Garbage problem, Natural environment, etc.

Sujan Palak Mandal: Enables parents to develop their parenting skills by conducting lecture series and group discussions.