Our Pledge

The Pledge by the Volunteers of Balranjan

  1. Balranjan is my organisation and my aim is to strive hard for the all round development of the children.
  2. I will be regularly punctual and consistent in my attendance while attending Bal-ranjan.
  3. I will try and maintain variety in conducting all the exercises, games and numerous activities organised considering the inclination of the children. I will participate in all of them.  I will not lose my patience with the children.
  4. I will cultivate the qualities like patience, control and endurance in me while handling children.
  5. I will acknowledge and encourage the commendable tasks done by the children.
  6. I will try to maintain planning, mutual cooperation and coordination in all the activities of Balranjan.
  7. I will not discuss any problems or decisions with or in front of the children or their parents.
  8. I will hold the physical safety of the children, vitally sacrosanct.
  9. I will always strive for the all-round-development of the children rather than thinking narrowly about my happiness while working with them.
  10. I will continuously try to develop my own personality and keep myself full of zest for life.

These are the 10 commandments (out of around 50 / 60 points raised and considered) unanimously agreed by all the Tais, after the volunteers’ training workshop organised by Ms Hemalata Honwad and Dr. Shirisha Sathe.