बालरंजन केंद्र, पुणे

द्या खेळाला एक तास! विधायक उपक्रमातून बालविकास!!

A center conducting extra-curricular activities for children of 3 to 14 years age group

Our Founder – Director

Balranjan is equivalent to my third child. I have been working on this project for the last 31 years.  Thousands of children have spent all their evenings on the play-ground instead of just being glued to the TV. 

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Mrs. Madhuri Sahasrabudhe

Founder – Director


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Evening Program

Regular program for children aged between 3 and 12 years – every evening from 6 to 7 (except Thursday and Sunday)

Outdoor Games

Basketball – Every evening 5 to 7 pm

Theater Workshop
  • Natya Varga – Saturdays and Sundays for 2 hours each, for a period of 6 months
  • Natya Shibir – Conducted in the summer vacation
Vacation Camps

उन्हाळी शिबिरे – Various activities like art & craft, picnics, sports recreation – organized in summer vacations

About Us

In their busy schedule, children need at least one hour of stress free activity.

  • Centrally located yet pollution free and safe playground
  • Pleasant, clean and green surrounding
  • An opportunity of “Learning through experience”

We take efforts to achieve physical, social, emotional and moral development of children through recreational activities. Appropriate activities are planned for different age groups. Groups are conducted by trained instructors. They are called ‘Tai’ and ‘Dada’.

The activities begin with ten minutes of physical exercise, followed by jogging on the well-planned jogging track. Then children participate in sports activities. The vigorous activities are followed by story telling and singing for younger children and ‘pranayam’ and concentration exercises for older children. Activity concludes with prayer. This calms them down and rejuvenates their energy. Parents have observed that it helps them concentrate in their studies.

Children with competitive mindset can take up coaching for basketball. Some of the talented children have been selected for District, Sate and National level tournaments. Children showing talent for performing arts can participate in weekly theater workshop. Some of them have bagged prizes in City, State and National level competitions. This activity is appreciated by many eminent theater personalities.

Day to day activities are accompanied by picnics, outings, visits, drawing and painting, craft, origami, vocation workshops, film shows, slide shows, puppet shows, story telling, dance, library, ice cream parties, sugarcane juice party and campfire.


108/21 Sahakar Sadan, Bharati Niwas Society, Behind Income Tax Office, Karve Road, Pune 411004.

Office Hours

6 to 7 pm (except Thursday and Sunday)

Phone & Email

+91 80071 16240

Our Main Initiatives

Local Cultural Activities

Variety entertainment programs by children in Ganesh Festival, Bhondla, Rangapanchami, Diwali, Sankrant, etc.

Some Interesting Projects

Such as Pollution watch, Dealing with garbage problem, Promoting natural environment, etc.

Sujan Palak Mandal

Enables parents to develop their parenting skills by conducting lecture series and group discussions.

Virtual Tour

बालरंजन केंद्राचे ३१ व्या वर्षात पदार्पण

Well maintained playground with various activities and sports including basketball

Sahakar Sadan Community Hall

Bharati Niwas Society’s Community Hall where we conduct various functions and events for the children and the parents

Diwali Party at Balranjan in 1988

International Yoga Day at Balranjan

Wall painting by Children with Abha Tai




What Parents are Saying

It felt so good to see this news on TV. I have shared it with all my friends whose children spend the evening 5pm to 7pm crucial time doing homework or watching TV cartoons. It is such a big compromise on mental n physical health. 

Asmi is more fresh for homework, shloka pathyantar, drawing or craft work at home *after her 1 hour at BalRanjan* 

I have noticed that now a days, our children are having trivial fights on BalRanjan grounds. Honestly speaking, we parents are enjoying this!! They are learning n developing through these little fights and katti-batti.

Our kids are interacting, appreciating, arguing and bonding with other kids. They are NOT screen-addicts!! It is such an achievement in parenting!! 

Our kids’ expressions and happiness is so well captured by the videographer!!

Thank you for every bit of your 3 decades of deliberation, passion as well as struggle to enhance our children’s childhood.

You inspire with your actions

Padmini Panse

Asmi's Mother

बालरंजन हे मुलांच्या आवडीचं ठिकाण. आमची बालरंजन केंद्राशी ओळख तशी गेल्या 2 वर्षांचीच पण माझ्या मुलीची आणि आम्हा पालकांची खुप कमी वेळात चांगलीच गट्टी जमलीए. याची अनेक कारण आहेत. इथे मुलांसाठी राबविण्यात येणारे उद्बोधक उपक्रम, खेळण्यासाठी मोकळं मैदान, रोजच्या उपक्रमांचं पद्धतशीर आणि काटेकोरपणे केलेलं नियोजन आणि हे सगळं नित्यनियमाने मनापासून करणारे ताई व दादा यांचे योगदान महत्वाचे आहे. 

बालरंजन केंद्राच्या संचालिका सौ. माधुरीताई सहस्त्रबुद्धे यांचे मनःपूर्वक आभार. त्यांनी सुरु केलेल्या बालरंजन केंद्रामुळे आजकालच्या flat संस्कृतीतही मुलांच बालपण, त्यांच मैदानावर मुक्तपणे बागडणं टिकून आहे. 
शुभा मराठे

We could not have picked a better childhood enrichment center for our children to attend. Balranjan Kendra offers a safe, caring and nurturing environment. There is a wonderful sense of community and true love for all the children, and it all reflects in the education and attention the children receive. Our kids are thriving at Balranjan, and most of all, they are happy!

When we relocated to Pune, we met a mom at a park and she recommended Balranjan Kendra to us. We took our my shy and clingy kids for a visit looking for enrollment. Ten minutes into our visit, our kids were talking about how beautiful and expansive the setup at Balranjan was. Our shy, never leave my side toddlers started Balranjan a few days later- without a tear. Several years and two children later we feel fortunate to have found Balranjan Kendra – a dedicated, loving staff of educators and a warm and supportive community of parents.

Kapil Apshankar

Om and Shriya's Father




Years Established

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Location: 108/21 Sahakar Sadan, Bharati Niwas Society, Behind Income Tax Office, Karve Road, Pune 411004.

Telephone: +91 80071 16240

Office Hours: 6pm – 7pm (Except Thursday and Sunday)